With attorneys licensed to practice in Georgia and Alabama, the law firm of Gillis & Creasy, LLC represents the varied interests of individuals and businesses. Many clients are major corporations that conduct seasoned assessments before appointing the most qualified professional to resolve the situation. Others are everyday people who never dreamed they would need an attorney.

Now involved in numerous practice areas, Lucian Gillis and Jim Creasy met while working in the same large Atlanta firm. Recognizing the synergy they could create by combining their separate and shared experiences, the two became partners in 2007. Clients benefit on numerous levels, such as from the firm’s firsthand involvement in having handled cases from both sides. These lawyers have worked on behalf of plaintiffs and defendants in numerous types of law suits. The perspectives they gain from collaborating ensure they are ideally prepared to handle any issue that arises in their litigation.

In addition to the high-caliber partners and associates, the firm is further served by having Angela Creasy on board as both a Registered Nurse paralegal and office manager.   Having a background in insurance case management and home health nursing, she promotes a caring attitude while offering knowledge that saves time and money, most certainly in circumstances that entail reviews of medical records and claims.

As a matter of fact, Gillis & Creasy consistently offers big firm advantages with less overhead and a far more personal approach to practicing law. Highly attentive to clients, the lawyers not only win cases, but they also gain favor for making what could be a difficult or painful process as easy and as gratifying as possible. In turn, many clients are referred to Gillis & Creasy by those they have previously represented.

Many clients come to this firm because its lawyers have been recommended by fellow lawyers who practice in other areas of law. Other clients are referred by those who know their friend, colleague, or loved one will be in competent hands and in a comfortable situation. Although seriously dedicated to the practice of law, Gillis & Creasy is not stuffy. The lawyers wear conservative suits when appropriate, but not every day. This is an approachable group. They put formalities asides to place clients at ease while building understanding and trust.

Beyond serving others through their profession, the individual members of the firm are committed to helping the broader community through their involvement in civic, religious and charitable causes. Please visit Our Team for a preliminary introduction.

For specific answers to your questions, we invite you to contact Gillis & Creasy.