Gillis & Creasy provides skilled legal representation for a variety of business and personal interests to clients in Georgia and Alabama. Companies on the Fortune 500 and individuals alike appreciate the attorneys’ personal approach in addressing their important matters in a timely, cost-effective manner.

Gillis & Creasy offers valued insights from firsthand involvement in having handled certain kinds of cases from both sides. In addition to working at different times on behalf of plaintiffs and defendants in numerous types of lawsuits, the individual attorneys collaborate to gain optimal advantages from their shared experiences. Consequently, the lawyers are well-qualified to fight in any courtroom yet possess the knowledge and skills necessary to settle disputes when possible.

The firm’s practice areas include:

  • Appeals in Federal and State Courts
  • Commercial Disputes, Contracts, and Real Estate Litigation
  • Insurance Coverage Disputes
  • Torts
    • Motor Carrier and Vehicular Liability
    • Premises Liability
    • Products Liability
    • Professional Negligence


If you are a prospective client involved in a matter or an attorney seeking to refer a prospective client, please contact Gillis & Creasy for assistance. 



Appeals in Federal and State Courts

Gillis & Creasy regularly handles appeals for clients this firm has represented throughout the litigation process. These lawyers also participate in appeals for clients that other law firms have represented in the lower courts. In some instances, Gillis & Creasy works in conjunction with the other firm; at other times, Gillis & Creasy takes over the appeal completely.


Commercial Disputes, Contracts, and Real Estate Litigation

Gillis & Creasy represents business clients involved in various kinds of commercial disputes, contracts and litigation. Whether dealing with mere annoyances or serious claims that threaten to destroy a business, the firm saves time, money and aggravation by capably stepping in and moving the process along.

Successes include obtaining compensation for a commercial tenant in claims against a developer whose strip mall improvements forced a store closure and loss of business, and achieving a nuisance settlement for a national relocation company that was unjustly accused of creating a mold problem.

Gillis & Creasy develops contracts for clients, as well as helps them resolve conflicts resulting from existing agreements. The firm’s successes in that respect include negotiating new leases and renegotiating prior agreements on behalf of a national retailer.

Handling a variety of matters , the firm represented a business landlord in a lease dispute that arose over the lease terms after the owner leased his property to be used as a commercial car wash.

In a different case, the firm represented a corporate tenant in litigation arising from a lease dispute about the proper computation of common area maintenance fees or “CAM charges.”



Insurance Coverage Disputes

Working to stand up for those who would otherwise be pushed around by parties that use money and clout to avoid their legal and moral obligations, Gillis & Creasy expertly handles a broad spectrum of cases involving insurance claims. For example, the firm attained a major confidential settlement from an insurance company that neglected its duty to properly defend the insured client in an underlying lawsuit.

In another matter, an insurance company was held accountable for the compensation owed to the firm’s client, a condo owner who suffered significant flood damage while out of town. The insurance company improperly attempted to disclaim coverage there, too, but Gillis & Creasy made sure it satisfied its obligations to the insured.

The firm was also involved in a lawsuit in federal district court over an insured’s claim for coverage for employee dishonesty. The insured—Gillis & Creasy’s client—had been defrauded by an unscrupulous employee who had conspired with outsiders, and recovered compensation according to the policy.

On the other side of the ledger, these lawyers have written dozens of coverage opinions for insurers, and have many times represented insurance companies in disputes with the insured to assist such insurance companies in exercising good faith and appropriately determining their obligations under insurance contracts.



Gillis & Creasy effectively takes on cases in which deliberate, reckless, careless or negligent actions cause harm. If the client is harmed and the defendant is unwilling to offer a fair settlement, Gillis & Creasy stands up for the client in court. For example, the firm successfully litigated a law suit against a bar and won a meaningful verdict of $97,000 for a client who suffered a beating by the bar’s inebriated customer who was over served by the bartender.

In another case, the firm obtained a recovery for a university student who was attacked and beaten by a fellow student. That case presented issues of both tort liability and insurance coverage.  There, the breadth of Gillis & Creasy’s experience in both tort law and insurance law was particularly helpful for the client.


Motor Carrier and Vehicular Liability

Gillis & Creasy competently represents clients in motor carrier and vehicular liability cases. In one matter, the firm obtained a significant  recovery for client who suffered a serious back injury in a trucking accident.  Another law firm had declined to accept the case, saying it was not “winnable.”

In a separate case, the firm recovered the insurance policy’s limits for a child passenger who was injured in a car wreck.

Another matter involved defending a commercial motor carrier that was sued after its truck driver collided with another commercial truck at a rural intersection. The plaintiff’s truck had skidded 135 feet before impact, and photos showed extensive damage. The issue was whether the plaintiff truck driver could have stopped, or otherwise have avoided the accident. Gillis and Creasy was able to develop evidence which proved that the plaintiff did have time to see the defendant and could have also taken steps to avoid the collision.  Using this information, Gillis and Creasy was able to negotiate a fair settlement for the defendant.


Premises Liability

Gillis & Creasy has handled a number of premises liability cases. The firm, for instance, recovered another confidential settlement in a wrongful death lawsuit brought on behalf of an elderly client, who died after suffering complications from slipping on smashed fruit that was left unattended on the floor of a grocery store.

The firm is involved in a wide range of industries. A group of related cases arose from an industrial accident in which a piece of steel pipe, about 30 feet long and weighing over 3000 pounds, fell off a truck bed while being off-loaded with a fork lift.  Tragically, the pipe landed on the truck driver and left him a triple amputee. A group of related cases arose as a result, and one of Gillis & Creasy’s lawyers represented the major oil company for whom the pipe was being delivered.

The first part of the litigation involved defending the oil company in the truck driver’s suit. That claim was settled out of court after two years of litigation.

The second part involved helping the oil company recover its losses through contractual indemnity agreements with two other companies involved. A suit against the first company was tried in Alabama and a jury awarded the oil company a significant figure. Another suit against the second company was eventually settled out of court for a substantial amount in favor of our client.


Products Liability

Gillis & Creasy represent clients in product liability cases, which can involve manufacturers, distributors, suppliers and retailers. The firm, for instance, defended the manufacturer of a toilet component that malfunctioned and flooded a house. The case was resolved after the manufacturer showed it had not only warned the homeowners that the component needed to be replaced, but had also provided them with a free replacement part.


Professional Negligence

Gillis & Creasy presents a depth of experience regarding professional liability. In one case, the firm obtained a recovery from an orthodontist whose negligence forced a 14-year-old to undergo extractions and prolong her need for braces by four years.

Please contact Gillis & Creasy for a preliminary evaluation of any matter involving professional negligence.


Gillis & Creasy has served a number of clients facing real estate disputes. When an Atlanta home builder attempted to take advantage of an individual from the professional sports world by selling a defective home, the firm filed a lawsuit on behalf of the homeowner. They forced the builder to buy back the house and pay attorneys’ fees.

In another case, the firm defended a home builder against claims that cited minor defects. The dispute went to arbitration, and Gillis & Creasy prevailed.

The lawyers further represented a would-be property owner whose partners induced him to invest in several residential real estate properties. He agreed to contribute capital to buy the properties on condition that title would be conveyed to a corporation the investor was to form along with his partners. But the partners arranged for the property to be bought in their individual names rather than in the investor’s name or the new corporation’s name. Gillis & Creasy filed suit for the investor.